How To Setup Your Sales Funnel System!

Lesson #1 - Introduction To The Funnel System
In this first lesson we will reveal the blueprints to building a funnel system that will pulls in fresh leads for you every day, generates sales, recruits affiliates, and produces passive back-end sales.

We will be talking to you through every part of the system and it’s components so you can model off it and build your own customer database list.

Lesson #2 - Finding Products To Give Away
In lesson 2 we'll show you how to find products you can give away. You'll discover what phrase you should be typing into Google to get access to content that you can literally give away to build your mailing list!

You'll also understand the reason why we choose these types of products, the difference in licensing terms, how it sets you up nicely for presenting a special offer, plus so much more!

Lesson #3 - Getting Your    Affiliate Links
Watch lesson 3 and you will learn how to how to make your PDFs profitable by adding your affiliate links inside as recommended resources.

You'll learn how to search the ClickBank marketplace for a suitable product to promote, how to grab resources from the vendor, how to cloak and track your affiliate link, how to write a small yet effective ad for your resource and much more.

After learning this you can make money whilst giving content away for free!

Lesson #4 - Converting Your DOC Into A PDF
In this lesson we'll show you how to convert a word document into a PDF using Open Office. This in turns your 'rough and ready' document into a portable file that can then be distributed by everyone.

This is a quick and simple procedure that will become send nature to you once learned and allows you to create digital products instantly.

Lesson #5 - Making Your First Squeeze Page
In the next lesson we’ll show you the steps of creating your first squeeze or landing page.

You’ll learn how to construct your page, how to insert images, how to write compelling headlines, how to write benefits, how to write strong call to actions plus so much more.

Lesson #6 - Create Embedding Opt-In Form
In lesson 6 we take you through the process of embedding your Aweber opt-in code into your squeeze page so you can actively promote your squeeze page and build your list.

We’ll walk you through the layout of Aweber, where to go, what to click and how to create a standard web-form so visitors can become your subscribers.

Lesson #7 - Creating Your OTO (One-Time Offer)
Presenting an offer to your subscribers straight after sign-up is a great way to get cash flow.

You’re leaving serious money on the table if you’re not doing this so it’s worth setting one up especially if you’re going to be spending time promoting your squeeze page.

Watch lesson 7 to see how we put one together that relates nicely to the give-away incentive.

Lesson #8 - Creating The PayPal Payment Button
Now it’s time to create your PayPal button. This is a stumbling block for many beginners but we’ll take you by the hand and walk you through the process.

You’ll discover how to name your items, price them wisely, create item codes, how to redirect customers to your download page plus so much more. Watch lesson 8 to see how to do this.

Lesson #9 - Creating Your 'Budget' Down-Sell Offer
In this lesson, we will show you how to create a ‘budget’ offer of one-time offer.

Not every subscriber that enters your funnel I will want to buy your main offer first time round. However if the price is right for them they’ll take you on your second offer.

We’ll show you how to construct your ‘elite’ offer, price it currently and link it into your system for a very smooth sales flow.

Lesson #10 - Create The PayPal Button For Down-Sell
Just like lesson 8 you learn how to create your first PayPal button for main offer. Now it’s time to create your PayPal button for your budget offer.

This will require different settings and redirect URLs.

Watch these lesson carefully to see how to connect everything together to a very smooth transaction.

Lesson #11 - Create Download Page For Subscribers
In lesson this we will show how you create a download page for your free subscribers. On this page you’ll be delivering the products you promised on your squeeze page.

If you applied the steps in lesson 3, you’ll understand how you can still make money giving away your PDFs for free.

It also shown how to use this page as an opportunity to cross-promote other products putting more money in your pockets.

Lesson #12 - Create Download Page For Paid Customers
Free subscribers are send to one page, whilst paid customers who purchased your one-time offer are sent to another.

In this lesson you’ll be shown how to create a landing page specifically for those that took you up on your OTO.

You’ll be shown how to host files on your server and create clickable download links for your customers to deliver what you promised.

Lesson #13 - Write Email Auto-Responders That Read!
Now that the front end of your sales funnel is complete, we’ll move onto the back-end segment which is where the bulk of your income will come from.

In this lesson we give you some examples of the emails you should be sending out to your list.

When they have subscribed, building rapport with them, Pre-Sell them for other offers, and how to line them up into your auto-responder sequence plus so much more!